Building Reliable Systems with Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

Master the Art of Reliable Systems with SRE

Understand the core principles of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)
Learn how to define and measure system reliability using SLOs and SLIs
Gain insights into designing and building self-healing and scalable systems
Explore automation strategies for SRE practices
EDiscover how to implement monitoring and alerting for proactive incident management
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29th May 2024 , 7.30PM TO 8.30PM IST

In this Bootcamp, you'll discover
  Introduction to SRE (How is it different?, Benefits, Core Principles)
 Building for Reliability (SLO, SLA, SLIs, scalability & fault tolerance, recovery)
  Automation is Key (tasks, IaC, self-healing systems)
 Building an SRE Culture (DevOps, Continuous learning & improvement, Measuring SRE success)
 Monitoring and Alerting (Alerts, Response, Tools)
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Meet The, Mentor

Mr. Nikhil-Mutgi helps companies navigate the digital revolution.

He is passionate business leader with a proven track record of guiding organizations through successful digital transformations. I combine my expertise in ITIL, PMP, SAFe, Agile, Sustainability, PRINCE2, SRE and gamification to create engaging and effective strategies that not only embrace sustainable practices but also deliver tangible results and lasting change.

Highly motivated and experienced in coaching and mentoring individuals and teams across diverse industries, I am dedicated to empowering organizations to achieve their transformation goals.

His Approach::

  • Strategic Vision
  • Engaging Methodology
  • Gamification Power
  • Sustainable Practices
  • Measurable Impact