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Agile Project Management Overview:

Enhance your skills in agile project management with the GSDC Certified Agile Project Manager (CAPM) course. Whether you are already experienced in working on agile projects or have witnessed the transformative power of agile methodologies, this course provides you with the opportunity to elevate your qualifications and gain valuable expertise.The Agile Project Manager Certification course offers a comprehensive range of skills and advantages. It not only focuses on proficiency in Scrum but also equips you with knowledge and expertise in various other agile frameworks and methodologies.By enrolling in this course, you will develop a strong foundation in different agile methodologies, frameworks, and essential interpersonal skills required in an agile environment. Elevate your qualifications and gain the necessary skills to succeed as an Agile Project Manager through this comprehensive and globally recognized certification course.

Learning Outcome

After the completion of the course, the participants would be able to:

  • Understand agile project management principles and practices.
  • Master Scrum and other agile frameworks.
  • Execute projects effectively using agile techniques.
  • Communicate and collaborate efficiently in agile environments.
  • Adapt to changing project requirements and manage risks.
  • Lead and motivate agile teams to achieve goals.
  • Apply agile principles to enhance project performance and value delivery.
  • Manage project constraints in an agile context.

Program Deliverables

Deliverables of this program include:

  • Study material
  • Mock Exams.
  • 32+ hours of live training.
  • Exam registration assistance
  • Case studies soft copy
  • Official courseware from Axelos

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  • Course fee inclusive of exam fee
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Course Curriculum

    • Agile methodologies and principles: Understand the core principles and methodologies of Agile.
    • Scrum framework: Explore Scrum roles, artifacts, and ceremonies.
    • Planning and executing Agile projects: Learn effective Agile project planning and execution.
    • Monitoring and controlling Agile projects: Implement methods to monitor and control Agile projects.
    • Collaboration and communication in Agile teams: Foster teamwork and communication in Agile environments.
    • Leadership and coaching in Agile: Discover the role of leadership and coaching in Agile contexts.

    1. Introduction to Agile Project Management:

    • Principles, methodologies, and benefits of Agile.

    2. Scrum Framework and Agile Practices:

    • Roles, events, and backlog management in Scrum.
    • Agile planning, estimation, and prioritization techniques.

    3. Agile Execution and Delivery:

    • Iterative development and sprint reviews for client satisfaction.
    • Continuous improvement and adaptation in Agile projects.

    4. Agile Leadership and Collaboration:

    • Empowering teams, effective communication, and collaboration.
    • Agile leadership skills for guiding and supporting teams.

    5. Agile Risk Management and Stakeholder Engagement:

    • Identifying and mitigating risks in Agile projects.
    • Engaging stakeholders, managing expectations, and satisfaction.
    • Learn about the Scrum framework, including team roles, events, and managing tasks.
    • Develop skills in planning, estimating, and prioritizing work in Agile projects.
    • Gain knowledge in iterative development and conducting effective project reviews.
    • Enhance leadership abilities for supporting teams and promoting collaboration.
    • Learn how to identify and manage risks in Agile projects and engage stakeholders.
    • Explore continuous improvement strategies and adapt to project changes.
    • Understand project governance, quality management, and monitoring in an Agile context.
    • Study real-world case studies and best practices in Agile project management.
    • Apply Agile principles and practices to successfully deliver projects.

Course Details

    • Business Analysts
    • Software Developers
    • Project Managers
    • Scrum Masters
    • Product Owners
    • Team Leads
    • Quality Assurance professionals
    • Executives and Managers
    • Consultants and Agile Coaches

    Our Agile Project Management course welcomes participants from all backgrounds. Whether you're an experienced project manager, team lead, developer, or simply interested in Agile methodologies, this course is open to all without any mandatory prerequisites. Join us and embark on your Agile project management journey today!

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Agile Project Management Certification Course Exam Format

PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner
  • Exam Format - Scenario Based & Case Study
  • Exam Duration - 3 Hour 08 Minutes
  • No. of Questions - 8 (10 question items per question, each worth one mark)
  • Passing Criteria - 44 out of 80 (55%)
  • Certificate - Within 5 business days
  • Result - Immediately after the exam
  • Open Book - Yes (PRINCE2 Official Manual Only)

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Frequently Asked Questions

The five phases of agile project management are: starting the project, making a plan, doing the work, keeping track of progress, and finishing the project.

The four principles of Agile are: focusing on people and communication more than rules and tools, delivering working software instead of lots of paperwork, working closely with customers throughout the project, and being flexible and open to changes.

An example of an Agile project is developing a mobile app. The team keeps improving and adding features based on user feedback and what's happening in the market.

In Agile, the Project Management Office (PMO) helps by giving guidance, standards, and tools to make sure everyone manages projects in a consistent way. The PMO also helps coordinate resources and communication and supports the organization in being flexible.

Whether an Agile project management certification is worth it depends on what you want to achieve in your career and the industry you work in. It can make you more credible, increase job opportunities, and give you a structure to follow. But practical experience and the ability to use Agile principles in real situations are also important.

Choosing between Agile and Project Management Professional (PMP) depends on the project and organization. Agile is good for projects that change a lot and need a flexible approach, while PMP is more for traditional, step-by-step project management.

Starting a career in project management has many advantages. It gives you the chance to lead, solve problems, and work with others in different industries. Project managers also get to work on different projects, learn valuable skills, and have a big impact on the success of an organization.

The Certified Agile Project Management is a recognized certification that validates proficiency in Agile methodologies and project management. It offers benefits such as improved job prospects, career advancement, higher salaries, industry recognition, a global professional network, leadership opportunities, diverse Agile expertise, successful project outcomes, and continuous professional growth.

GSDC Certified Agile Project Management is highly relevant in today's industry as Agile methodologies continue to gain popularity. This certification ensures professionals possess the necessary skills to adapt to change, efficiently deliver projects, foster collaboration, and drive innovation?essential factors for success in the dynamic and competitive business landscape.

The Certified Agile Project Management certification is valid for a lifetime. Once obtained, it remains valid indefinitely, eliminating the need for recertification and providing professionals with long-term recognition of their Agile project management expertise.

Agile Project Management benefits organizations by equipping certified professionals with the skills needed to effectively lead Agile projects. This certification ensures improved project delivery, enhanced team collaboration, increased customer satisfaction, risk mitigation, and a culture of continuous improvement?all contributing to the organization's success in delivering Agile projects.

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Our Agile Project Management Certification Course training sessions have been recognized by big organizations like IBM, Veritas, Mphasis and many more. Our Agile Project Management Certification Course is designed by experts who have been in the project management field for more than 12 years.

We are professional Agile Project Management Certification Course and helping professionals across the industry to develop skills and expertise to get recognition and growth in the corporate world. After you register for a Agile Project Management Certification Course with us, we will take care of your certification from the starting to the end point that includes the training sessions, real life case studies, implementation of Agile Project Management Certification Course in a real life scenario, your study material, practice tests and certification.