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DevOps + ASM + CASPO Combo Course Course in India Overview

DevOps is a culture, and Agile is a mindset. If you can make both of them work hand in hand in a corporate environment, you will achieve an extreme amount of business success. NovelVista’s combination of DevOps Practitioner, Agile Scrum Master, and Agile Product Owner training and certification in India aims to train professionals for that purpose. If someone holds a DevOps Practitioner, Agile Scrum Master, and Agile Product Owner certification, they tend to become the most desirable candidate for any organization. DevOps Practitioner Certification in India is specially designed to fill your mind with DevOps knowledge so that you are flexible to handle, manage, and monitor any organizational changes that come in handy when DevOps is implemented. Agile Scrum Product Owner training in India covers all the content found in Product Owner certifications plus Agile Product Management and team leadership skills. The Certified Scrum Master course in India shapes you to handle all your responsibilities tactically and lead your scrum team towards a successful scrum product delivery.

Learning Outcome

After the completion of the course, the participants would be able to:

  • Learn DevOps, Agile, Scrum principles and concepts.
  • Learn relation between DevOps, Agile and Scrum.
  • Team roles and responsibilities.
  • Industry best practices
  • Designing the right implementation strategy
  • Real-Time Case Studies.

Program Deliverables

Deliverables of this program include:

  • Study material
  • Mock Exams.
  • 24+ hours of live training.
  • Exam registration assistance
  • Case studies soft copy
  • Official courseware from GSDC

Training Calendar

Lifetime Access
  • 8-10 Hours of self-paced videos, assessments, recall quizzes, more
  • Course fee inclusive of exam fee
  • For more details, reach us at
Select No. of Learners
INR 35000
(Cost includes Training & Certification)
INR 45000
19, 20, 21, 22, 26, 27 Aug
6:00 PM to 10:00 PM (IST) Weekday batch
Vikas Sharma
Exam Included
Select No. of Learners
INR 35000
(Cost includes Training & Certification)
INR 45000
18, 19, 23, 24, 25, 26 Sept
6:00 PM to 10:00 PM (IST) Weekday batch
Vikas Sharma
Exam Included
Select No. of Learners
INR 35000
(Cost includes Training & Certification)
INR 45000

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What I Will Learn

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  • Certified DevOps Practitioner (CDP) Certification is focused on understanding the DevOps framework from a practical implementation perspective. This course provides the participants with the ability to learn and demonstrate competency through a strong understanding of the DevOps framework and the benefits of implementing DevOps. After the training session, the participant will know how to embrace cultural change and bring organizational changes necessary to the success of DevOps implementation. 

    Read More about this Certification: Here

    A scrum master is a facilitator for an agile development team. Scrum is a methodology that allows a team to self-organize and make changes quickly, in accordance with agile principles. After the completion of this course, you will be able to help the team to reach a consensus for what can be achieved during a specific period of time, help the team to reach consensus during the daily scrum, stay focused and follow the agreed-upon rules for daily scrums, remove obstacles that are impeding the team's progress, protect the team from outside distractions.

    Read More about this Certification: Here

    Agile Scrum Product Owner training aims to share an in-depth knowledge of Agile methodologies, a fundamental understanding of the Scrum framework, and how to apply it to maximize the value delivered with a product, an advanced level of Professional Scrum Product Ownership knowledge, and an understanding of how the Scrum framework can support the creation of value. The course content of Agile Scrum Product Owner training helps the applicants to excel in all the core skills necessary to be successful in organizations doing Agile development along with  Kanban, Lean and Hybrid processes, product vision, product backlog management, release and portfolio planning, business strategy, and working with stakeholders.

    Read more about this certification: Here

Course Details

  • Well, this course is a little different from others. This training session will be hosted virtually, so you don’t have to come all the way to our classroom. You will be able to participate in a vast range of creative methodology while sipping on your evening tea and relaxing on your couch!

    The key features of our training program would be:

    • Training sessions in a storytelling format
    • Exhibition of concepts with the help of professional examples
    • Self-analysis and group discussions
    • Case studies as the application of the concepts which were taught
    • Vibrant presentations along with individual and team activities
    • Post-training reading suggestions

    Missed the session for some other engagement? Fret not! We will mail you the entire video of the recorded session to make sure you don’t miss out on any important piece of knowledge!

    You are eligible for this combo course if you belong to the following fields:

    • Software Development Professionals
    • IT Service Management Professionals
    • Project & Program Managers
    • IT Directors
    • Business Analysts
    • Testing Professionals
    • Data Center Professionals
    • Change Managers
    • System Architects
    • System Engineers
    • Team Leaders
    • Project Managers
    • Managers of Scrum teams
    • Teams transitioning to Scrum
    • Professionals intending to pursue the Scrum Master certification

    Candidate must requires to have a knowledge of DevOps, Agile and Scrum framework


  • Below are some benefits of learning DevOps:

    • Improved knowledge and latest skills
    • Better growth prospects
    • High employability
    • Better pay package
    • Strong understanding of latest automation toolset
    • Globally recognized certification
    • Better handling of projects
    • Become a master in scrum methodologies
    • Create an agile environment in an organization
    • Better performance in changing the environment
    • Create better value
    • Gain knowledge in cost management
    • Coach your team with respect to business objectives

    Agile Product Owner training and certification share an in-depth understanding of:

    • Learning the core skills and concepts needed to be successful with Agile and Scrum
    • Understanding the roles within Agile and how teams can effectively work together
    • Mastering the foundations of Scrum and other Agile methodologies: Kanban, Lean, and Hybrid
    • Applying a strategy to products and decision making to ensure products win in the market long-term
    • Gaining best practices for Product Managers and Product Owners
    • Aligning and leading Agile teams towards goals/objectives.
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DevOps Practitioner Exam Format

  • Exam Format - Objective Type, Multiple Choice
  • Exam Duration - 90 minutes
  • No. of Questions - 40 (multiple-choice questions)
  • Passing Criteria - Candidate needs to score a minimum of 65% of the total marks (i.e. 26 out of 40) to pass this examination.
  • Certificate - Within 5 business days
  • Result - Immediately after the exam
  • Closed book 

Agile Scrum Master Exam Format

  • Exam Format - Objective Type, Multiple Choice
  • Exam Duration - 90 minutes
  • No. of Questions - 40 (multiple-choice questions)
  • Passing Criteria - 65%
  • Certificate - Within 5 business days
  • Result - Immediately after the exam
  • Closed book 

Agile Scrum Product Owner Exam Format

  • Exam Format - Objective Type, Multiple Choice
  • Exam Duration - 90 minutes
  • No. of Questions - 40 (multiple-choice questions)
  • Passing Criteria - 65%
  • Certificate - Within 5 business days
  • Result - Immediately after the exam
  • Closed book 

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There are a lot of open positions for DevOps & Scrum Certified professionals in various sectors just in India. So it goes without saying, once you are done with your certification, you will come out with flying colors

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